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We see the value in interagency protocols and would welcome them. It is important that voluntary sector agencies are included from the earliest stages in them. It would be helpful for there to be time-scales set for their development, as well as a clear commitment to them from all of the relevant agencies.It would also be helpful for there to be clarity in terms of confidentiality to be included in any protocols developed. Inter-agency protocols require in depth knowledge by each agency about other agencies’ roles, responsibilities, structures, remits and parameters. An element of awareness raising may well be an important prerequisite to the successful conclusion of good joint working practice.


In terms of minimum standards and the development of training to ensure minimum standards and qualifications for staff, it is vital that there is access for partner agencies (voluntary sector agencies) to such training resources so they will not be disadvantaged. Information and awareness raising between all services who work with those with addictions will be important in ensuring that services fit together. more details: E Conveyancing Brisbane

In relation to minimum standards, care must be taken to ensure the voluntary sector agencies need adequately resourced to meet these standards. With regard to a city-wide service level agreement which will be negotiated with GGHB regarding provision of social care support as an element of the methadone programme, detox and dual diagnosis services, we would appreciate more information on this. The report also suggests that social care support will be expanded to meet the current shortfalls in the methadone programme shared care, subject to the availability of additional resources. We would also ask who is being identified as providing social care support, and would again argue that the voluntary sector plays a pivotal role in providing social care support which social work services cannot always provide.

We welcome any review that takes a strategic view of service provision in relation to addictions. It would be helpful for more information regarding any review of addiction services purchased from the voluntary sector, and we recommend that it would be carried out in partnership with them. More rehab beds must be made available to homeless people. The Review correctly identifies the need to respond quickly when users are motivated to change however, often the wait to access residential rehab beds is extremely detrimental. For those leaving residential rehab. projects, there must be ways in which people can build upon their rehabilitation by retaining the support they need as well as developing their lives.

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Conveyancing is the property transfer process that begins with the drafting of the contracts and ends when the final contract is signed and the payment of the pending taxes is done. Where auditors decide that the bodyís annual accounts are likely to mislead readers about its financial performance or position, they issue a qualified opinion on the accounts, drawing attention to their concerns.

The conveyancing is a legal process and is a mandatory act to be implemented by all the private property owners selling the property and the buyers buying the property. fully aware of the importance of risk management and their role in the process. Auditors also reported on internal auditís coverage, noting that, at the majority of authorities, internal auditors are reviewing accounting and internal control systems and giving an independent opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of systems of internal financial control, which will put them in a strong position to meet the requirements for producing a SIC.

Both the parties have to hire different conveyancing perth and they have to carry out the process on their behalf. The process includes many steps to be done and that is not possible without the legal aid and support. Over 90 per cent of local authorities are involved in some form of partnership working with a wide range of partner bodies. Auditors reported that the majority of authoritiesí arrangements were adequate or better, with only two authorities receiving an inadequate rating for a specific aspect of their financial management arrangements.

Councils spend significant amounts of money received each year in the form of grants and subsidies from central government departments. Following the publication of our ëthink pieceí and the publication of a revised statement of responsibilities in relation to claims and returns, the Commission is implementing new arrangements for certifying claims and returns from 1 April 2004 as part of our commitment to Strategic Regulation.

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Nelson Historic Theatre Trust chairman Greg Shaw this morning confirmed it had missed out on completion funding during the first round of the Government’s new Significant Community Based Projects Fund. Carter Holt Harvey is refusing to comment on speculation it has shelved plans to develop 275ha of former forestry land near Tasman and Mahana.

He believed the two subdivisions had been placed on hold due to CHH reassessing its priorities in property development. Last year, CHH gained consent to subdivide 75ha of former forestry land into 54 sections off Old Coach Rd, near Bronte Rd. After two years of planning and negotiations the Nelson City Council is finally moving forward with a $900,000 marina development along a relocated Akersten St.

The development would see more carparking, commercial and industrial land, more facilities for marina users and possibly a restaurant. Before the development can go ahead the council has to close about 6600 m² of Akersten St, and rebuild the road to the east. Council support services divisional manager Pat Dougherty said the council had approved the layout of the 2.6ha development in 2004, but progress had been delayed while negotiations were undertaken with Dickson Marine for a land swap, and with leaseholders in Cross Quay, who will be affected by the plans.

Agreements had now been reached, and the council would buy 1370 m² of Dickson Marine land, and sell 2000 m² of Akersten St to Dickson Marine. If you want to face reliable and simple real estate conveyancing solutions then you should do the right selection for contacting the conveyancer for performing your property transaction process.

The Building Act requires all buildings that would be badly affected by a moderate earthquake to be strengthened to two-thirds the level or current earthquake performance standards for new buildings. H and J’s building for lease – The former H and J Smith building in Nelson’s Bridge St is for lease.

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The land freed up would be developed to include a hardstand for boat maintenance, about 120 carparks and room for commercial, retail and industrial businesses.

Bayleys Realty principal Tony Vining said the owner did not want to be named at this stage, but was offering the building for lease as a mixture of retail and office tenancies.

Plugging hardware gap – A new hardware shop on Rutherford St hopes to plug the gap left by Wilkins and Field Mitre 10 closure of its Hardy St shop.  An enormous bit of the better specialists or endorsed conveyancing companies brisbane will in like way offer a no-finish no expense seeing as well.

Neale and Haddow director Lloyd Valentine said the shop, which is to occupy 52 Rutherford St, had taken advantage of the hardware gap left in the central city by Mitre 10’s move to the new Mitre 10 Mega site in Annesbrook. The Rutherford St building was about 100 years old, while the name Neale and Haddow had been taken from a Nelson business that dated back to 1880, Mr Valentine said.

Louise Devine said exercising with blokes wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and Devinewoman would be in line with the international trend towards womens-only gyms. Council planner Sonya Leusink-Sladen said a new planning report, which was due to be released next month, also suggested a road be built behind Pohara and Ligar Bay settlements to improve access.

Women-only gym to open – A women-only gym will officially open upstairs from Devine Fitness in the Countdown carpark next month.

New home for fishing firm – The Vickerman St building formerly home to Freeman Roofing has been leased to fishing gear business Hampidjan New Zealand. In March Hampidjan bought Nelrig Wire Rope Services, which was based on Akersten St, and amalgamated the two businesses. Summit’s Mr Montgomery said James Cleland, Adrian Secker and Graeme Skeggs had purchased 55 Collingwood St, which is in two unit titles, and would relocate their practise to the unoccupied part of the property.

The Takaka-Eastern Golden Bay Strategic Growth Study addresses concerns by some that ad hoc subdivision was swallowing up productive land and leading to fragmented development.


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A planning group, Team Golden Bay, whose members include Golden Bay councillors, the community board and council staff, has been closely involved in drawing up the report. It pulls together information from a number of Golden Bay reports released last year and is part of a new strategic planning initiative. Figures by Quotable Value show Nelson house prices grew by 3.1 percent during the year to June, down from 3.5 percent in the year to May. The average sale price was $331,985.

He did not know when the new owner would take possession of the building or what it would be used for.

Mr Vining said seven tenders were received for the building, which has a government valuation of $3.06 million.  For home loan holders, check the grant of conveyancers to know whether they are strong.The case concerns the subdivision of a 2.23-hectare council property which straddles the Collingwood-Puponga Rd at Pakawau Inlet.

Tasman’s growth rate increased from 6.8 percent in the year to May and its average sale price was $333,440. Former campground board president Fred Jackson, 85, inspected the camp’s $2.5 million redevelopment during the birthday celebrations yesterday. The investigation will canvass a range of possibilities for strengthening ties, and is the result of people calling for greater cooperation between the two local authorities.

Mr Tregurtha said people had called for amalgamation to be considered through submissions to the city council’s long-term community plan which was finalised last month. Nelson Mayor Paul Matheson said a study setting out the benefits and disadvantages of governing the region under one council needed to be carried out to set the debate to rest one way or the other.

There was already close cooperation between the two authorities in the form of shared ownership of facilities such as Port Nelson, Nelson Airport and the Nelson Provincial Museum. The former H and J Smith department store building in Nelson has been sold to a Wellington-based investment company for just over $4 million.


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Commissioner Brian Dwyer, on behalf of the council’s environment and planning department, granted consent to subdivide and build one house, but refused consent for a second house as applied for by the council’s property department. The Tasman District Council is pleading for government help to pay for multimillion-dollar upgrades of its drinking water schemes, as its ratepayers are considered too wealthy to qualify for current subsidies.

Chief executive Bob Dickinson has written to Local Government Minister Mark Burton expressing concern that the council does not qualify for government assistance for either the current Wastewater Subsidy Scheme or the proposed Drinking Water Subsidy Scheme.

The council is already expecting the debt to climb to $100 million over the next five years.Mr Hurley said the Government’s current criteria for deciding who was eligible for subsidies for drinking water upgrades were obscure and unfair.In the event that you wish to case pay emulating a poor administration by property conveyancing melbourne legal advisors, it is vital you formally gripe to the firm concerned when you can, setting out your protest in composing.

In May last year, the Government said it would give $154 million over 10 years to help councils pay for the upgrades. Mr Dickinson said wastewater and drinking water schemes were the two big-ticket items for the district, and if it did not get any government help, ratepayers would have to pay for the upgrades themselves. The council has 16 drinking water schemes, and has waited to see the final shape of the legislation before making any major moves to upgrade them.

And needed to obtain some minor consents, like the Historic Places Trust’s approval, before work could start. Tasman District Council chief executive Bob Dickinson said the traffic count on State Highway 60 near Appleby was currently 8000 to 9000 vehicles a day, which was twice that of the Whangamoa Hill and three times that of the Hope Saddle. Mapua, Ruby Bay and Tasman residents are excited that trucks and diggers may soon start carving out the long-awaited Ruby Bay bypass. Transit New Zealand plans to complete design work for the bypass this financial year, and finish construction within five years.

Mr Adams said the 10.4km road could cost more than $20 million and take two years to build.As blocks of uneconomic or unwanted fruit trees are pulled up and burnt throughout the region, the Tasman District Council and the Rural Fire Network are fielding an increase in calls from residents angry at having homes and clotheslines soiled with smoke and ash.


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In the event that you are pondering offering a home, you must have a Conveyancing Specialist or Authorized Conveyancing fees to follow up for your benefit – expecting you live in the AUSTRALIA. The authority issues permits for burnoffs, but permit holders have a responsibility to ensure that they do not create a smoke nuisance for others. Building site surveyed – A geotechnical investigation of the site between Briscoes and the Obelisk building in Nelson’s Wakatu Sq is under way in preparation for a planned three-storey office and retail building.

He hoped construction could begin in December, and while reluctant to reveal the cost of the development, he said it could be in the millions. The effect of demographics – A summit on the effect of population demographics on the property market will be held in Nelson next week. Burnoffs of uprooted apple orchards are causing some Nelson rural residents to choke with fury as fruit growers forge ahead with winter replanting.

Buyers have shown strong interest in Nelson’s H and J Smith building but it has not yet sold, the company’s managing director Acton Smith says. Tenders for the Bridge St building with a government valuation of $3.06 million closed last Friday. Barney Thomas, of Ngati Rarua, said iwi were already major contributors to the area through lands and property assets. Treaty claim settlement would boost that contribution significantly.

He told a cultural symposium in nelson at the weekend that iwi intended to invest the money in the region where they lived. Settlement would be a combination of cash and assets, which eight iwi in Nelson-Marlborough would invest in the region’s communities to create jobs. Iwi were already major employers through businesses such as fisheries ventures.

Maori entities Nelson-based Wakatu Incorporation, with a $250 million asset base, and Motueka-based Ngati Rarua Atiawa Iwi Trust, with a $30 million to $50 million asset base, were major contributors to the economy, he said. Belgrove’s windmill, which is more than a century old, has been repaired. Workers last Thursday hoisted the windmill blades back into place after refurbishment.

The windmill survived when the Nelson railway close din 1955 because it was also being used for domestic water supply, but now it has a strictly ornamental use. It was originally used to pump water from the ground to be used in the now defunct Nelson to Glenhope steam railway.The Tasman District Council has been granted consent to subdivide a Pakawau property, but only on the condition that cats and dogs are excluded to protect birdlife.

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Council consents manager Jean Hodson confirmed that it was the first time dogs and cats were to be prohibited as a condition of a resource consent granted in the district. The council had sought to build two houses on the 2.23ha former dog pound property near Pakawau Inlet, but a decision by commissioner Brian Dwyer, after a recent hearing in Collingwood, allows it to build only one home.

The decision allows the council to subdivide it into six lots. After five years of looking for a Nelson site, homeware and electronics retail giant Harvey Norman has announced plans to build a shop on St Vincent St. The 1.8ha industrial-zoned site opposite the Nelson Auto Parts wreckers yard is owned by Wakatu Incorporation and is currently used as a truck stop.


The owners of the Dunes were soon to begin outfitting the restaurant, and shops would be open before all of the building was completed – scheduled to be in November or December, Dr Donald said. A hearing on Wakatu Incorporation’s application for a 77-section subdivision on Champion Rd has been adjourned while an independent commissioner seeks legal advice. The hearing began on Thursday last week in front of Commissioner Richard Fowler.You should focus on the fees structure when you are making a contract with your conveyancer for dealing with the property conveyancing process and at that time you should contact the most reputed company and make inquiry to know the fees structure like  conveyancing Adelaide fees is very affordable but they are able to satisfy people by treating their process with quality services.

 Mr Fowler to seek advice on whether the application by Wakatu’s property subsidiary Wahanga Ltd was a non-complying or discretionary activity under Nelson’s planning rules. The Nelson region recorded a large drop in visitor guest nights in March.

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Statistics released by Quotable Value show that property values grew 10 percent in Tasman in the year to May, up from 9.3 percent n the year to March. We are there to solve your all process involved in property conveyancing.The board had considered two plans presented by a Florida consulting firm hired to perform a rate study. As in March, this was the lowest price growth of any area apart from Auckland city central, where prices grew a measly 3.4 percent.

Mr Carter, who is 63 and has lived in Golden Bay for eight years, has called a meeting with all Pakawau residents to share their ideas and concerns about the store and campground. Golden Bay residents had been concerned that the camping ground could end up being subdivided after the 1.6ha property was put up for tender by previous owners Lifestyle Group Ltd earlier this year. It’s over used with up to 320 people for just six weeks of the year but really quiet the rest of the time. Nelson house prices continue to grow at one of the lowest rates in the country, while the Tasman district showed greater buoyancy. Nationally house price growth slowed, with a 13.8 percent increased to May compared with 14.8 percent to March.

 The policy as it is currently could see section owners paying a large part of the fee as it can be levied at either the subdivision or building consent stage. The final decision will be up to councillors when they meet to discuss the council’s long term council community plan in late May. Its national body said today tourism businesses could not operate effectively in the park if they were given only five years’ security of tenure.

Nelson house prices grew just four percent in the 12-month period, down from 14.5 percent to March, and 5.9 percent in February’s figures. Tasman’s average house price of $342,786 compared favourably to Nelson’s average $311,384, and the national average of $324,141. Strategy and planning manager Mark Tregurtha said staff planned to recommend the council change parts of the policy, which will see developers charged $21,579 excluding GST, for each section they create, to ensure section owners are not hit with the charges when they apply for building consent after July 1.

More than 60 people brainstormed ideas for the future of the popular seafront campground Pakawau Beach Park at a meeting last night. A tourist eco-lodge with self-contained units and a multi-purpose centre owned by community shareholders were among the most popular ideas discussed at the meeting at the Pakawau Country Café.


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Wakatu’s property subsidiary, Wahanga Ltd, has applied to create 77 residential sections in two stages on 6.7ha of rural land.  Act Conveyancing Sydney has the expertise in performing the process of conveyancing required in buying and selling houses. Public submissions on the Nelson City Council’s 10-year-plan poured in before the deadline yesterday, and council staff were unable to count them all by this morning.

By Tuesday, the council had received more than 300 submissions on the long term council community plan, which sets our the council’s priorities and spending until 2016. Up to 195 new homes could spring up in the Champion Rd area bordering Richmond if the Wakatu Incorporation and the Sutton family gain consent to subdivide their land.

But Wakatu’s plans have met a major roadblock, with independent consultant Fiona Aston recommending its application be rejected.David Sutton and the Sutton Family Trust, which owns the Daelyn berry farm, want to create 118 sections in seven stages on 13.8ha of rural land at 55 Champion Rd, 2a and 2 Hill Street. Wakatu plans to sell each of the sections, which will range from 510 m² to 910 m², for $200,000 or more. The sites would range from 580 m² to 2995 m².

ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie was in Nelson this week to give a presentation about the New Zealand economy to local businesspeople at Trailways in Nelson as part of the ANZ Economic Roadshow.

The region’s housing market was one of the first to slow, and would probably be on of the fastest to improve again, he said.Nelson will be among the first regions to recover from the economic slowdown and can expect above average growth from next year, a leading economist says. A final decision on a large marine farm proposed for the waters off D’Urville Island has been postponed after the applicant, Wakatu Incorporation, was granted more time to make submissions. In November, the Ministry of Fisheries released a preliminary decision not to grant a marine farming permit for the 770ha mussel farm, saying it did not have enough information on the effects the farm would have on commercial fishing grounds.